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With the cutting-edge technology behind Venus Versa™, you can get laser hair removal treatments for almost all skin and hair shades. Plus, Frances Prado, FNP-C, of Lustre Med Spa is a certified nurse practitioner with extensive medical laser training, so you can feel confident that your laser hair removal treatment is going to be safe and effective. Book your laser hair removal consultation at this welcoming Alamo, California, med spa today. Use the online scheduler or call to speak with a team member.

Hair Removal Q & A

How does hair removal work?

Unwelcome hair growth isn’t just embarrassing; it can truly make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Laser hair removal resolves these issues, and eliminates the need for daily hair removal methods, by destroying your hair at the growth center.

Laser hair removal with Venus Versa dramatically reduces hair growth through the use of intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. With each burst of light, the energy heats up hair follicles directly by penetrating deep below the surface of your skin.

As hair follicles heat up, their normal growth function is altered, forcing the hair to stop growing. Within 2-3 weeks, your treated hair naturally sheds away, since it can no longer grow. New hair does grow back afterward, but with each laser hair removal session, treated hair comes back lighter and finer than ever before. Eventually, it stops growing altogether.


Is hair removal permanent?

Once you complete your recommended laser hair removal package with the Venus Versa system at Lustre Med Spa, your results are permanent. Depending on the color and texture of your hair, you might have some hair left behind, but laser hair removal dramatically reduces hair growth overall, and any remaining hairs are incredibly fine.

Sometimes hormonal fluctuations, especially in women, trigger new hair growth. If this happens and you start finding additional hairs pop up long after you’ve completed your laser hair removal treatments, Frances is always happy to provide touch-up sessions as needed.



When can I expect results after hair removal?

You should start noticing smoother skin and a reduction in hair growth within about 2-3 weeks of your very first laser hair removal treatment at Lustre Med Spa. Depending on your personal skin tone, hair color and texture, and how your body responds to laser hair removal with Venus Versa, you could need up to 6-8 sessions, each spaced roughly one month apart, to get the smoother skin you want.

Start your customized laser hair removal treatments at Lustre Med Spa and get the smoother skin you’ve always wanted. Book your laser hair removal consultation online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.